2018 Kitchen Trends

January 31, 2018

At the start of every year kitchen connoisseurs including analysists, furniture and lighting manufacturers, interior designers and general industry insiders, sit down and try to pre-empt the hottest kitchen trends of the year… and 2018 is no different! According to many, ‘personalisation’ and Smart Home gadgets are going to be a big factor for kitchens in 2018, and the thirst for bold colours and textures will carry on from the latter stages of 2017.

Creating Interest

It’s thought that homeowners are slipping away from the perfectly matched kitchen, instead, creating intrigue with contrasting styles and textures is becoming more desirable. Bold solid colours with woodgrains and industrial finishes such as concrete will help to create an interest. Consumers look to make braver decisions when designing their kitchens, ushering in more variety and replacing pristine perfection with character and personality.


Feeling Blue

Apparently, it’s good to feel blue in the kitchen! Leading names in the kitchen design industry have announced that ‘blue is the colour of the moment’ for kitchens. Whether cobalt, teal or aqua, having blue hues in the kitchen can create a great statement for homeowners feeling brave. This lust for blue is also emphasised by Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Violet – which isn’t too far off blue on the spectral colour system.


Love Island

Having an island in a kitchen has long been a sought-after feature for those with enough room. However, the kitchen island is undergoing a practical makeover with many designers adapting further features to add convenient storage space for homeowners as well as even a place for actual food prep. Kitchen island’s can be a place for food preparation, dining and storage – making them a tasteful proposition for those with enough space and expenditure.


Open Shelving

Typically, kitchen shelving units come with doors, but there’s an increasing trend that looks to blow this wide open, as homeowners wish to create a more ‘living room’ atmosphere by showing off their favourite utensils, ingredients and even plantation! Hidden storage will still play home to the less impressive, older cookware, with the most cherished items coming out of the darkness and into the light.


Concealing Lights

Pendant lights still prove popular as that knock-out feature in the kitchen and they’re often the main source of task lighting for homeowners. Yet when an ambience and atmosphere wants to be created, or particular kitchen features deserve to be highlighted, then clever accent lighting can help to craft a multi-layered look. LED strip lights hidden underneath kitchen furniture or concealed below cabinets is already a confirmed attraction for modern kitchens, but it’s thought 2018 will see more modest kitchens embrace these features too!


The Smart Kitchen

OK, Google. Alexa is here and she’s here to stay! As a reflection on life in general, consumers and homeowners seek more and more convenience, and the kitchen is no exception. Smart home technology is starting to find its feet after experiencing a few teething problems in its early years. Software is becoming much more intuitive and clever, and remote-control dimmers and heating controls are now being surpassed by ‘search and voice innovations’.

Amazon Dash and Google Home have made a mark on millions of households, enabling homeowners to not just play music and set reminders but research recipes and order products! This newly found convenience is not a passing trend and is set to improve year on year. Common-place essentials have also undergone revamps, such as the Quooker Flex tap, which can now provide homeowners with hot, cold, filtered cold and boiling water – all in one fitting!

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