Add Christmas To Your Kitchen

December 7, 2017
If you have the time, energy, passion and expenditure to make your kitchen Christmassy, then we’ve got a few festive pointers that can help you to turn your kitchen into a yuletide retreat. Whether it’s to sustain that Christmas feeling whilst you slip away to cook your Christmas dinner or you simply like the idea of having all your rooms embraced with Christmas cheer, why not give some of these a go!

Christmas Smells

Christmas isn’t all about what you can see, as the festive drama and theatre can also be experienced through tastes and smells too. If you’d like to encapsulate an all-encompassing Christmas assault on the senses, then why not simmer some of the following ingredients in a pan.

Christmas In A Pan = Cinnamon Sticks, Pine Needles, Mandarin Oranges, Cloves, Vanilla, Chestnuts.

christmas ingredients

DIY Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Dinner is a time for GOOD food… even if you’ve filled yourself up with chocolate and other treats during the morning! It’s typically a time for the family to come together for a special sit-down meal, so why not enhance the Christmas spirit a little bit more by trying these easy to make Christmas table decorations! You’ll need a few wine glasses, some baubles and/or holly as well as tea light candles.

Step 1) Put your holly/baubles into upside down wine glasses.
Step 2) Add tea light candles on top of the glasses (it's actually the bottom of the glasses as they’re upside down).

Add Festivity To Kitchen Utensils

Wooden stirring spoons can be redesigned into popular Christmas characters!

White spoons – get a black pen and an orange pen (removable ink), and start to draw the outlines of a Snowman; adding black for eyes and buttons and orange for a carrot nose!

Brown spoons – get a dark brown, black and red pen, and start to draw a reindeer. Dark brown antlers, black eyes and obviously…. a red nose!

Glass jars that are made redundant on Christmas Day can be transformed into sweet little Snow Globes! Follow these steps to create your very own, personalised kitchen Snow Globe.

1) Pick a Christmas character or figurine that’s small enough to put into your glass jar.
2) Glue, place and stick your figurine to the inside of the jar lid.
3) Fill the jar with water and/or glycerine and add 1-2 teaspoons of glitter.
4) Screw the jars lid or glue it down for extra precaution if there are children around!

spoons and snowglobe

For A Fun Look

If you’re not bothered about how sophisticated you dress your Christmas kitchen, then how about going all out for festive fun! There’s two Christmas Kitchen designs that tickled our fancy this year.

Frosty The Fridge Freezer

All you need to turn your fridge and/or freezer into Frosty the Snowman is some cello tape/glue, orange paper, black paper and if possible, a chequered/tartan style paper.

1) Cut black paper into large and regular sized circles (these will make up his eyes, buttons and dotted smile).
2) Cut orange paper into a large triangle (this will represent his nose).
3) Cut the chequered/tartan paper into a scarf design and woolly hat design.
4) Apply all your cuttings accordingly and watch your fridge freezer turn into Frosty the Snowman!

snowman fridges
Elf Chairs

Turn your kitchen chair legs into those of an Elf’s. If you’re feeling extra crafty, then you can try to make these yourself using green and red felt or thick string. However, there are plenty of online stores that sell Elf chair leg designs at affordable prices!

General Xmas Decorations

Why not bring some of your Christmas frills and decorations into the kitchen this year!

Cards – take them off the mantlepiece and showcase them in a different way by hanging them from your ceiling by string (not near the oven) or tying them onto red ribbon and placing them onto your kitchen cupboards.

Vases – if you have a few spare vases around the house, then instead of flowers, why not fill them with Christmas cheer with items such as gingerbread men (and women), chocolate coins, candy canes etc.

Fairy Lights – be careful where you place these in the kitchen BUT if you have a dining room with cupboards, shelving and the like, then why not trail your fairy lights across your furniture to create a magical ambiance.

christmas vases

We hope that you’ll be able to try at least one of these kitchen Christmas designs this year… or least that this blog post has inspired you to add some festive cheer to your kitchen! Have a wonderful festive season, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!

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