Alternative Pancakes!

February 7, 2018

Pancake Day is fast approaching and the possibilities for exciting toppings are endless! Lemon, sugar, chocolate, nuts, honey, ice cream, fruit, makes for exciting dining!

But what about the pancakes themselves? Do you go for the same traditional pancake mix every year? We think it's time to mix it up! We've been on a search for some of the best alternative pancake recipes out there! From super healthy to sweet and naughty we have it covered!

Here are our favourites!:

Wholewheat Avocado Pancakes

A few more ingredients than your everyday pancake mix but these hearty pancakes are full of nutrition and will have you full in no time! Perfect for the avocado fanatic! Find the recipe here.

Fresh and healthy avocado fruit

Banana Pancakes

These are super easy to make and a real hit with children due to their sweet and fruity banana taste! Perfect for an easy breakfast treat even! It's as simple as mashing your banana, stir in your eggs and a pinch of baking powder. That's it! Find a recipe here.


Porridge Oat Pancakes

The oats used in this recipe replaces the flour usually used in pancakes, making it great alternative for those who are avoiding wheat. The oats also give it a great nutty flavour and make them super filling! You can find a recipe for them here.


Peanut Butter Pancakes

Yes you read that right! Peanut butter pancakes are a thing! (Apparently!) We shall definitely be trying these next week! We found a great recipe here.


Traditional Pancakes!

OK so we now we said we were looking for alternatives but we just can't ignore the good old fashioned pancake day pancake! Flip em and roll them up! The question is.. are you a lemon and sugar or a Nutella and strawberry type of person!? Recipe here.


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