Classic Kitchens

July 9, 2018
In a time where technology is taking over and modernisation seems to eclipse tradition, it’s important to stay true to at least some classic styles - including those found in our homes, specifically classic kitchen designs! These classic designs have stood the test of time for a reason and they still offer homeowners a quality choice, should they be looking for charm, reliability and vintage appeal.

The Simply Kitchens Classic Kitchen Collection presents our customers with a varying selection of classic designs, each providing their very own high-quality furniture and traditional details which so many are known to love. The Shaker kitchen is a prime example, and a style that leans towards classically proportioned doors with a frame and inset panel - perfect for creating that timeless look.

A Classic Kitchen can make your House a Home

If your intention is to make your kitchen feel ‘homely’ and warm, then classic kitchen styles can do just that. Although many are deemed simpler than contemporary designs, classic styles have a habit of creating that natural home-like feel. Wood, especially warming oaks, can really enhance the kitchen’s comforting, traditional approach. Our selections you should look at:

- Cranbrook
- Rockfort
- New England
- Stamford


Colours & Details

The colours and details of a classic kitchen interior helps to unify and also compliment any traditional furniture, accessories and ornaments you may already own. Classic kitchens often display calming, reserved and neutral colourways with textures being accentuated by subtle shade differences. Classic kitchen colours are risk-free but guaranteed to work well with any existing housewares. A grainy finish on some of our classic designs can also bolster the authentic appeal that homeowners seek.

Fine and dainty details in classic kitchen furniture can also help to add extra traditional style and character. Chamfered edges, tongue-and-groove and other delicate design features can all assist with bringing the classic kitchen to life! Our selections you should look at:

- Newport
- Ashbourne
- Austin

New England Skylon Grey and Chalk White - Main Shot-1600x1600

Best of both Worlds: Classic & Modern

Some ‘classic’ kitchen designs don’t always dispel emerging, contemporary styles entirely, as some do enjoy combining a little bit of new with old. It could be using modern colours with traditional furniture designs or using a tongue-and-groove style within a tech-heavy, innovative kitchen space, it’s all about understanding and executing the balance! For those that can’t make their mind up on whether they want a modern or classic kitchen, there’s always the chance to adopt the best of both worlds!


Why not check out all of our classic kitchen designs. If you need assistance or you’d like to know more, then please do get in touch with our amazing team! We relish the chance to assist people in securing their perfect kitchen.

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