How To Create & Maintain A Peaceful Kitchen

September 21, 2017
The 21st of September marks International Day of Peace, a day that is supposed to see all of humanity commit to peace, put aside all differences and continue to build a culture of peace for the future. So, in typical Simply Kitchens style, we thought that we’d write up a blog about how to create and maintain a peaceful kitchen.

Every home is different and every home has its own personality. The same goes for a person’s lifestyle, we’re all different! Some people are constantly busy, whereas others have more time on their hands - these are important factors because creating a peaceful kitchen also means maintaining one! Yet it doesn’t take hours on end to maintain tranquillity in the kitchen because there’s a few key pointers that can see you edging closer to kitchen harmony.


A kitchen will obviously need lights for practical purposes and this is called ‘Task Lighting’; undercabinet lights are a prime example, as they enable people to see into dark cupboards. ‘Ambient Lighting’ is a way to label general lights, the ones that often provide the main source of artificial light into the room – usually a domineering ceiling pendant or spotlights. However, ‘Accent Lighting’ offers an opportunity to highlight certain areas of interest – like an ornament, or a proud painting or photograph that you want to become the focal point of the room.

Accent lighting in the kitchen not only provides depth and dimension, but it’s a nifty way to highlight the items you like most in your kitchen. It could be a selection of antique cups and plates, glassware or even a piece of art. By illuminating these objects with accent lighting, you’ll be creating a room that showcases your most cherished items, therefore making you happy, content and at peace with the room!

Other lighting tips:

• Mood lighting – switch up the rooms ambience at the flick of a finger. If you want to use the kitchen for a time that isn’t preparing food or cooking, then how about creating a relaxing ambience using mood lighting and dimmers?

• Natural light – the more of this the better. Sunlight can uplift your mood and make you much more productive than any artificial lights.

• Bulb temperatures – cool white bulbs produce a clinical, bluey and bright light, whereas warm white bulbs emit a softer and more welcoming yellowy glow.



When a kitchen is full up of ‘stuff’ and appears cluttered, then our eyes have no peaceful place to land. It may sound obvious but keeping the place tidy has a massive impact! Dirty dishes, ingredients sprawled out, cupboards with things stacked on top of them and worktops littered with random items - it can all contribute to a stressful environment. And it’s for that exact reason why appropriate storage is so important in a kitchen!

Before you look for additional storage in the kitchen to accompany cupboards, cabinets and the like, it might be worth embarking on a decluttering mission. It’s quite frightening what you’ll discover after a big sort through, and a lot of the time you’ll find items that you haven’t needed or used for years – so why not bin them to create more space, and in turn, more peace in the room.

Other storage tips:

• Crockery stacking – if you have matching crockery sets then try to keep these together instead of mismatching them. Creating an orderly formation and good positioning of items such as crockery can help to create further serenity in the room.

• Extra storage – there’s plenty of attractive looking storage units available to buy that won’t damage the style or functionality of your kitchen.

• It’s difficult to maintain absolute tidiness in the kitchen, so perhaps a designated and temporary space for clutter could be considered! If your kids fling their coats and bags on top of the kitchen table, then why not buy a big wicker basket for a tidier alternative.


Decorative Interiors

The colour of a room can have an impact on our emotions and psychology, affecting mood and energy. If your kitchen is looking tired and lifeless, then a fresh lick of paint can often rejuvenate the atmosphere and according to a Halifax Home Improvement Survey, can even add an extra £2k onto your property’s overall value!

Soft and neutral colours have a calming and peaceful influence on a home. So, if you want to create the ultimate peaceful atmosphere, then soft or pastel coloured furnishings can help to support this. Shades that can work will may include; mauve, tan, deep blue, mist grey, coral, light green and lilac.

Other decorative tips:

• Plants – not only does it bring nature inside but they help to re-oxygenate indoor air. The careful positioning of plants can also help to alleviate bare areas that aren’t used as much as others. ‘Greening up’ your home can break up corners and less-aesthetically pleasing areas of the kitchen. Bamboos are even said to absorb negative energy!

• Mix handcrafted with modern – gadgets can give a kitchen a contemporary edge, however, too much plastic can also suck out the soul of an area. A good way to combat and create a balance is to match modern utensils or kitchen gadgets, with charming handmade objects.

• What you love – decorate your room with objects you like or things that are important to you! A piece of art or photographs of your family and friends not only adds personality to the room but it will make you happy each time you enter. Try not to overkill it but there’s no harm implementing pleasant personal touches to your kitchen to uplift the mood and increase peacefulness.

colin-maynard-138246 We hope that you can take a least one thing away from this blog! Peace out and be at one with your kitchen space.

At Simply Kitchens we look at every aspect of your family life before designing your kitchen. We believe that everyone is different and will create the perfect kitchen to fit your family’s needs.

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