Food Moments In Film: Through 5 Decades.

September 28, 2017

What with the weather getting miserable we thought that we’d pay a tribute to comfy nights on the sofa watching films… by bringing you five fantastic food moments throughout five decades of film!

Cool Hand Luke (1967) - 50 Boiled Eggs

A Paul Newman classic, where he plays the role of a prisoner called Lucas ‘Luke’, after being sentenced for damaging parking meters. During his time in the Florida chain gang prison, handsome Newman enjoys ruffling the feathers of prison guards and earning the respect of his inmate through his fearless tenacity.

50 Boiled Eggs is a memorable scene from this iconic 60s film, which sees Cool Hand Luke willingly endure eating 50 hard-boiled eggs in under 1 hour for a bet. With the prisoners in awe, Luke defies the odds and finishes off all 50 eggs in under an 1hr! According to the book Trust Me: A Memoir written by George Kennedy, actor Newman consumed as many as eight eggs before being sick in a nearby bin.

The Godfather (1972) - Tomato Sauce

Iconic mafia film, The Godfather, blessed our screens in the early 70s with starring roles played by Marlon Brando and Al Pacino. Despite being set in New York, the crime family enjoys celebrating its strong ties to Italy, referencing Italian culture and cuisine on more than one occasion.

Perhaps the best food scene from the film is when Peter Clemenza is in the kitchen speaking to Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) while cooking for the mob - "You start out with a little bit of oil. Then you fry some garlic. Then you throw in some tomatoes, tomato paste, you fry it; you make sure it doesn't stick. You get it to a boil; you shove in all your sausage and your meatballs. And a little bit of wine, and a little bit of sugar—that's my trick." There you have it, you’ve just learnt how to make the perfect bolognaise sauce, gangster style!

The Goonies (1985) - Baby Ruth

Children favourite but also one loved by adults, The Goonies is an adventurous kids’ classic that never fails to disappoint. The plot sees children in an American neighbourhood embark on a journey to try to discover the long-lost fortune of One-Eyed Willy, a legendary 17th-century pirate. This comedic adventure film has many memorable moments, but in terms of food highlights, it’s towards the end of the movie - where fans’ favourite Chunk shares time with the monstrous Sloth.

Chunk throws a bar of chocolate called ‘Baby Ruth’ onto Sloth’s head and it bounces onto the floor. Sloth is so intrigued and infatuated with chocolate that seeing it in the floor inspires him to break free from his chains to pick it up. From then on, a true friendship is formed between child character, Chunk and monster man, Sloth!

Pulp Fiction (1994) - The Big Kahuna Burger

This dark crime comedy written and directed by the talented Quentin Tarantino is a favourite among many. Directed and filmed in a stylised manner, Pulp Fiction follows the storylines of small-time Los Angeles mobsters, Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. We wanted to highlight an iconic and tense scene, where food and drink more than plays its part in this violent yet humorous film.

The Big Kahuna Burger is a scene involving Samuel L Jackson playing Jules Winnfield. Jules is about to interrogate a man named Brett, who is just about tuck into his burger. Jules concentrates much of his dialogue on what Brett is eating, even calling it ‘the cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast’. Despite there being no bloodshed in the scene, the way in which Jules explores the burger’s entirety and helps himself to a bite is terrifyingly intimidating.

Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) - Blue Soup

We’ll end with Bridget Jones’s Diary, a film that centres around accident prone, image conscious, Bridget, who notes down much of her life in a diary – especially her struggles in finding ‘Mr Right’. This romantic comedy has numerous giggling points throughout Bridget’s endearing endeavours to find love, but the one we want to highlight is when Bridget hosts a dinner party.

In Bridget’s attempt to create a three-course meal to impress her guests’, her starter goes badly wrong – blue soup in fact! With her guests painstakingly trying to remain polite, it goes from bad to worse as her 2nd and 3rd courses are also terribly unappealing, so much so that politeness is replaced by ridiculing.

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