Fussy Foodie Kids: How To Get Them Eating Good Food!

August 2, 2017

It’s not uncommon for children to turn their noses up to food that they’re not familiar with. Children aged 6 months to 1.5 years are typically gullible and will try eating anything put their way, however, when they get past a certain age some of them start to hold no punches when it comes to voicing their dislike towards certain food.

In an ideal world, parents or carers should celebrate fruit and veg, and encourage their children to appreciate the ‘good stuff’. Children should learn about all the different tastes and benefits, and become excited about discovering new ones. Yet for whatever reason it may be, and despite the willingness to keep your children strong, healthy and gaining the goodness they need - this utopia sometimes can’t be met – and so we enter imaginative ninja mode, with hiding food and getting creative the only option left. Deception isn’t good but sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind!

So, whether it’s the terrible twos, being a ‘threenager’ or your adolescent having a meltdown over the dinner you’ve worked hard to prepare; it’s OK, chill, because we’ve got five tips on how you can slyly ensure that they’re getting the food they need!


#1 Home-Made Burgers

Mixed in with the mince, quorn or any other alternatives, you can chop up a selection of vegetables which are sure to be eaten! Carrots and peppers work particularly well. When every ingredient is consolidated into one burger it’s harder for fussy kids to realise exactly what’s in it.


#2 Blend & Grate Like There’s No Tomorrow

If you’re planning on making something that requires a sauce, such as a spaghetti bolognaise, and you’d like to add extra vegetables but you’re certain they won’t be eaten – then why not try blending or grating them into your sauce?


#3 It’s More Appealing On A Stick

This one isn’t just for kids because us adults also seem to enjoy eating ‘food on a stick’. Whether it adds a little extra to our dining experience or it's simply easier to eat, impaling bitesize pieces of food on a stick always seems to go down well! If you place three or four different vegetables (the more colourful the better) onto a stick, then it’s sure to get a better reaction than seeing them on a plate!

veg on sticks

#4 Make Your Own Pizzas

Generally, pizza isn’t synonymous with healthy eating. However, if you’re struggling to get your kids to dine on veg and healthier food, then including these on a ‘make-your-own’ pizza may just help. The entire process of making a pizza can be a fun experience for children, as it provides them with a certain element of control and encourages them to get creative (making faces etc).

pizza use

#5 Dips

Sometimes if the food is in a solid form it’s easier for fussy kids to snub it. If you mash the solids into a dip then it can be more appetising to eat, especially if you have finger foods like carrot batons, strips of cucumber or bread-sticks to accompany the dips. To get things started, why not try the broccoli & cottage cheese dip.


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