In Season: Rhubarb

May 10, 2017

May is the perfect time to get yourself some beautifully ripe blushing pink rhubarb. Its naturally sour taste can be the perfect compliment to cream and ice cream making it a firm favourite for deserts and puddings. It's  flavour requires precise sweetening and works well when teamed with sweet fruits such as strawberries.

It's grown in two variants that are available at different times in the UK. The traditional "maincrop rhubarb" is available from March to June and is grown in gardens up and down the country. The alternative "forced rhubarb" is grown under pots mainly in the area around Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford. (Nicknamed The Rhubarb Triangle!) It can grow up to 5cm a day, and some say  you can even hear it growing! It is usually paler in colour and is less tart in flavour than maincrop produce.


It’s low in cholesterol and sodium, keeps the body cleansed and offers a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins C and K, calcium and potassium.

Rhubarb leaves are poisonous and should never be eaten!

The redder the stalk the sweeter the rhubarb!

Rhubarb is not actually a fruit – botanically it's classed as a stalk vegetable!

RECIPE: Super Simple Rhubarb Fool


400g Rhubarb
125g Caster Sugar
500g Greek Yoghurt
300ml Cream
Orange and Mint to garnish



  1. Cut rhubarb into 1 inch chunks. Simmer in a pan with 50ml of water and 75g of sugar for 5 minutes.
  2. When your rhubarb has softened take it off the heat, you may want to strain it if there is still quite a lot of liquid.
  3. Whisk cream, yogurt, and rest of sugar until soft peaks form.
  4. Add your rhubarb and cream into your chosen glasses in layers and top with your choice of garnish. We have chosen some orange zest and a sprig of mint.
  5. Other garnishes could include raspberries, crushed pistachios, strawberries or ginger biscuits!


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