Keeping Your Cool In A Summer Kitchen

May 24, 2018

It goes without saying that we love our kitchens here but during the summer months they can become unappealing, sweltering places to spend your time. What makes this even more frustrating is that British summertime sees the supermarkets reel out some of the very best produce to satisfy our taste buds. But the thing is, do we really want to be cooking up a storm during these hot months?

A kitchen can be a hot place at the best of times, and during the Summer this heat will only intensify! To avoid having pre-bought salads for the fifth night in a row, why not check out a few of these pointers on how to make your kitchen a more approachable place to cook during the summer!


Bit obvious, right? But some may forget that there are more ways to circulate air than opening the windows or backdoor. If you have a desk fan, then how about freezing some bottled water and putting it infront of your fan – you’ll gain cold air straight away!


Be Stingy With The Oven

The oven is one of the main sources of heat in the kitchen which means frequent cooking and baking will keep the entire kitchen area hot all day! If you can do, why not try cooking your meals earlier in the day or in the evening. Also, slow-cookers conserve a lot of heat and don’t emit near as much as their bigger counterparts, so using the slow-cooker could be the perfect option for those who can’t do-away with hot dinners in the summer.


Lights Off/Curtains Down

Unless you have some super-duper LEDs that emit very little heat, lighting can be another catalyst for unwanted heat. If you know that your kitchen lights kick out a fair bit of warmth, then try your might to keep them switched off – made even harder with our next tip! Live like a 15yr old teenager while you’re cooking and leave your curtains/blinds down. Your friends may start calling you Count as you cook but by not letting in the sun you’ll be keeping your kitchen as cool as you can do!


Dig Out Those Small Appliances

It’s quite common for homeowners to purchase kitchenware only to use it a few times, store it away and forget about it. Summer is the perfect time to dig these out again. Do you have a toaster oven? Electric grill? Slow-cooker? Anything that heats food without resorting to the big oven!


Prep Like A Pro

This may be a very small change, but it can still contribute to keeping your kitchen cool during the summer! Cutting up your ingredients, be it meat or veg, into smaller pieces than usual can help to lower the heat as smaller pieces will take less time to cook. Preparing meals in advance on cooler days or times of the day can also speed up your cooking time!


Get A Salad Down You

Many people get drawn towards ‘cooler’ food during the summer, fruit and ‘salady’ bits often make an appearance! These are healthy choices for the family and you can also get creative with salads – it’s not just rocket and tomatoes. Why not check out our Alternative Salad recipes on Facebook for inspiration!


Nothing But An Apron

If you need to prepare a big dinner in the kitchen, and you’ve utilised all the tips to help keep you cool… but it’s not enough, then you can always strip down to your underwear and pull on a pinnie. Just try to remember what time your relatives will be arriving, so they don’t get a shock at the door!


It pains us to say it but…

Prepare, cook and eat outside! We’re the biggest advocates of lovely kitchens and enjoying our experiences inside of them, but in the Summer, we won’t judge you if you decide to vacate your kitchen for the sun outside!

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