Kitchen Flooring – What you need to know

October 12, 2016

Kitchen Flooring – What are the options?


The kitchen is fast becoming the most important room in the house. We don’t just cook in the kitchen anymore, it’s the hub of the home, where we socialize, the kids play, the dog runs in and out and even where we have the odd dropped wine glass, you know what we mean! All of that action means that you will need kitchen flooring that’s hard wearing, easy to clean and kind to crawling tots, everyone has different needs.

Here’s a quick round up of some kitchen flooring options which may be right for your home:


A timeless classic, wood creates a homely, warm look and feel to a kitchen. There are many pre-finished options available on the market today which can ensure your wooden floor is sealed and stain resistant making it perfect for the kitchen.


Tiles are pretty hard to beat when comparing kitchen flooring options. Hard wearing and easy to clean with every style, size and colour imaginable available. Advancements in digital imaging technology mean that tiles which mimic the look of wood, stone and even concrete can be produced. So you could have the look of wood or concrete but with the durability of porcelain! Tiles can be cold underfoot but with today’s affordable electric under floor heating kits this can be easily rectified.

Natural Stone

Natural stone oozes style and can be essential in giving a high end finished look to a kitchen space. Materials such as terracotta and slate are perfect for creating a country farmhouse feel in your kitchen.   Natural stone can be a more expensive option and you will need to be prepared to do a little maintenance every year to keep them looking their best.

Vinyl and Laminates

Vinyl and laminate are probably the most popular flooring types. They’re adaptable, come in a fabulous range of designs and finishes, and are quick to install.   Vinyl has a soft feel to it, while laminate has more of a sturdy grip. This makes laminate suitable for high traffic areas since its top layer is scratch-resistant.  However, if you have small children, older members of the family or pets, you may prefer vinyl, which can come with a slip-resistant covering to keep them safe.

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