Kitchen Island Vs Peninsula

November 6, 2019
Deciding to purchase a new kitchen is a financial commitment that many homemakers have to make in order to upgrade and add more value to their homes. An important concern to think about is the layout of your kitchen. Sometimes all a kitchen needs are new cupboards to revamp a previous outdated kitchen, some newly fitted tiles or sometimes a total remodel is what is required.

If the remodel has been decided, then the next discussion is likely to be about how much you should spend, which designs you should pick and any extra features you would like to include. Features may include cosmetic enhancers, a new installation of cookers, a new sink, or a popular choice of an island or a peninsula.

The designs of kitchens have hugely changed in recent years, and up until about five years ago, the idea of having a kitchen island wasn’t as prominent as it is nowadays. The traditional farmhouse would almost always host a large kitchen table. This was commonly used for food preparation and hosting the family as they sit together and eat. As time went on, the central table somewhat evolved into a kitchen island.

In an ideal world, the kitchen island would be down to personal preference, however, in reality, the main factor comes down to whether or not there is enough space in your kitchen.

The kitchen island has become increasingly popular over the past few years due to its extra benefits, these can include being in the centre of the kitchen for practical usage and homeowners wanting more space in their kitchens. Historically, the centre table was used by maids preparing food but now it is transformed into a stylish and social focal feature of the kitchen; by allowing families and friends a social space without a barrier.

This open planned space creates a much more social environment compared to the 1970’s separate kitchen and diner, which always proved to be a difficult feature to combat when entertaining or running from one room to another. The only issue with the island is that if you lack space, it’s probably not your best option. Evaluating the space you have to play with is a key factor to think about, as it’ll have a big impact on the size and style of the island, nobody wants an island that looks stuffy in a small kitchen!

If you have space and expenditure, then installing an island can add real value to your kitchen, from additional functions, extra counter space, more storage and even features such as a cooktop, oven and or sink.

The peninsula is very similar to the kitchen island, the only difference is that the peninsula is of course not freestanding and is attached to one side of the wall. They serve the same purpose as the island and provide a great opportunity to extend smaller sized kitchens. Smaller kitchens seem to look more comfortable with a peninsula and are easier to design, especially in an L shaped kitchen. The great thing about the peninsula is that they can be designed to be as big or as small as you like, without it looking silly.

Whichever you decide to have it is always best to seek advice from the kitchen designers. Our designers at Simply Kitchens will go through the best options to suit your kitchen shape.

The perfect solution was to add a peninsula alongside the wall, with plenty of overhang for two stools. Remember, when you are thinking about your design you don’t need to have an overhang, there are plenty of other options such as a bookshelf or even cupboards. It is always advisable to speak to your kitchen designers with your thoughts and ideas so whatever you decide it'll fit perfectly into your kitchen.

The kitchen is not just space where you cook and eat, a kitchen is a place where the family spends time together, friends socialise, children complete homework, where you make that cup of tea for that important news, and pop open that champaign to celebrate! The kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home.

Our advice is to seek the best advice! Ask your kitchen designers and fitters to collaborate with you, to create the right design that fits perfectly into your home.

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