Kitchen Lighting: Why it’s so important to get right!

July 20, 2017
Kitchen lighting is sometimes overlooked by homeowners… but it shouldn’t be! Whether it’s used to compliment style and illuminate focal points or it’s to ensure visibility for practical purposes; kitchen lights go a long way to creating the perfect kitchen. Today, we spoke to two of our most experienced team members, Peter and Lee, to get their expert opinion and advice on kitchen lighting.

Peter (20+ years’ experience in kitchen design):

Peter“Lighting is very important to every kitchen for a variety of reasons. Consumer choices have greatly expanded in recent years and that’s down to the development and use of LED lighting, which has helped homeowners improve the amount of energy saved whilst also evolving design, aesthetics and function into a new age.”

“The most obvious reason as to why kitchen lighting is so essential, is that it maximises the visibility in working areas. Well placed ceiling spot lights help to illuminate work tops for food preparation, whereas under unit or cabinet lighting styles assist darker spots within the kitchen.”

“Nowadays, and largely thanks to the development of LEDs, people can choose from a variety of lighting colours and tones. Warm or cool white bulbs can transform the atmosphere of a room, so it’s important that you pick the correct mood for each individual room. Different kitchen styles and colours will work better with certain light types, so it’s important to design these with the clients’ specific tastes in mind.”

Lee (17+ years experience in kitchen design):

Lee“Kitchen lighting is often one of the most overlooked aspects of kitchen design, despite it having such a dramatic impact on the finished room. In the UK, we sometimes seem to only enjoy two weeks of summer each year, so it’s important that there’s an ample amount of light to ensure the safe preparation, cooking and cleaning away of food. You don’t want to be squinting at the font in your recipe book!”

“It’s becoming much more popular for kitchens to be opened up into multi-purpose spaces, such as kitchen/dining rooms or kitchen/living spaces – this means it’s essential that people consider what type of lighting is needed for the different areas and functions of the space you’re planning to design. Will you be entertaining at a large table? If so, a statement pendant should always be considered. Will there be a snug spot to read books on a winters evening? Will the kids be doing their homework on the central island? All of these circumstances need solutions.”

“Lighting can have a major influence on the mood and atmosphere in a room, so depending on what ambiance you may wish to create, it’s crucial that you cover all avenues and understand the effects of kitchen lighting. Having more than one option on which lights you can employ can transform a space according to how you feel at the time! Once your project is complete, it can be very difficult to amend your lighting design, so I’d advise you consider the way different kitchen lights can influence the feel and practicality of a room, and try to nail your requirements, during the planning stage.”

Do you need assistance with your kitchen lighting designs? Are you looking for advice on what kitchen would best suit you and your lifestyle? Please get in touch with our friendly specialist team. We are here to help!

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