What your kitchen style says about you.

October 7, 2016

At Simply Kitchens, Plymouth, we get to work with lots of wonderful clients, and kitchen style is always towards the top of their agenda. They all have very individual tastes and thoughts on how they want their dream kitchen to be. And it's funny just how many of them use their personality, to dictate the style and vision for the heart of their home.

What Your Kitchen Style Says About You


Minimalist? Cluttered? Pots on display? The decor and style of your kitchen, along with the style you create, says more about you than you think. Let's see if your personality and kitchen style are in sync with the research.


Pots and pans out on display? More cookbooks than the section at Waterstones? A meal cooking away in the oven? You might not be a professional chef, but it'd be a dream come true if you were. And you probably have the talent to do so. You love working with your hands, are a practical person, and nothing fills you with more joy than pleasing others. Especially with your food.

Fresh Fruit

You're a person on the go. So convenience is a major thing on your agenda. Starting the day with a hand to the fruit bowl is the easiest way for you to get going. Plus you love the pops of colour that the fresh fruit adds, to your otherwise neutral kitchen.

Yay For Coffee 

Is your kitchen built around a coffee machine or access to the cafetiere? Chances are, you're one of those (just like us), who can't function properly in the mornings, until you've had a proper cup of coffee.


You find it hard to part with the smallest of keepsakes, and you're very sentimental. You hold the objects you own closely to your heart, making it easy for you to have them all on display. To you, they're memories and not just 'things'.


You might not enjoy cooking as much as most, but you still take pride in the appearance of your kitchen. Therefore, fresh flowers and plants are your go-to objects of choice. Making the space feel homely, even if you can't cook a roast dinner or an apple pie like your friends.

Clean & Crisp

To say you like to be organised is a major understatement. There is a place for everything and everything has its place. You value appearance over functionality and are willing to work that little bit harder for things, in order to make sure they look just right.


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