Simply Kitchens’ trip to Rotpunkt Küchen, Germany.

October 31, 2017

Our very own Lee jetted off to north west Germany recently. His mission was to meet Rotpunkt Küchen, as they showcased their latest and greatest contemporary kitchen products. To emulate his journey as best as we can, we thought we’d try to keep to Lee’s original account as much as possible. So here it is folks, Lee’s Germany experience to meet Rotpunkt Küchen...

Dear Diary,

“I travelled to Heathrow last Wednesday for an early start on Thursday. We were due to meet James, our rep, at 6.15am but he decided to stay in Germany, so we planned to meet him there instead. Despite James’ absence from the plane trip, I did happen to get chatting to another Rotpunkt pilgrim… small world! We got to Hannover and boarded a coach to East Westfalia, ahead of visiting the Rotpunkt Küchen factory. And I must mention, when we got there we were presented with some quite delightful sandwiches and refreshments.”

“With our sandwiches wolfed down, it was on to our guided tour hosted by Max. Max took us through all the new Rotpunkt Küchen products on display. There were new colour schemes for internal mechanisms and drawer boxes, which perfectly blended a mixture of Carbon (dark grey) and Powdercoat (another dark grey). Dark and sophisticated seemed to be the running theme as we were taken through further dark grey and black doors, until we reached some spanking new white doors, with both a gloss and matte finish available. And get this, one of the white doors can be double-upped and used as a whiteboard, adding further drama and functionality to the growing demands of the modern-day kitchen!”


“After pumping some much-needed caffeine into my system, it was then onto our second part of the tour which focused on new worktop technology and included a fresh philosophy on taller island cabinets with raised worktops. Accompanying these taller island cabinets were some funky shelving mechanisms (dark grey and black OBVS!) and some more dining room’esque cabinets too. We continued our tour and carried on drooling over the top gear coming out of the Rotpunkt Kuchen camp. However, all good things must come to end, and we were soon whisked off to a charming countryside hotel to be spoilt rotten with some fine local foods as well as wine, beer and spirits.”


“The following morning, we braved breakfast. I say braved because the drinks we consumed the night before didn’t seem to enjoy the sight, smell and taste of food, so after a hesitant bite or three it was onto Hannover Airport for more caffeine and the perfect opportunity to catch up on missed sleep. As the cobwebs of the night before slowly became unstuck, I started to summarise my trip to Rotpunkt Küchen and realised just how inspirational and impressive it was. I began to get excited by the new products and ultimately, where the market seemed to be heading. I couldn’t wait to introduce these concepts to my very own customers and fly the flag for these innovative creations!”

“It wasn’t just the product innovation that impressed me, because the hospitality and professionalism shown throughout by Rotpunkt had also filled me with confidence too. I can’t wait to reveal some of these marvellous products to our Plymouth customers, and I am sure that our team will join me in saying we anticipate they’ll go down very well! So, there we have it, Rotpunkt Küchen, you served me well and I aim to do the same in the coming months.”


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