Open Plan Kitchens: Pros & Cons.

August 9, 2017
When designing a kitchen, you should always consider how it’s going to fit into your lifestyle and interact with other features in the home. Open plan kitchens have always been a popular choice for those seeking more from their kitchen space than just cooking. But does choosing an open space kitchen come at a cost beyond expenditure?



Open plan kitchens provide more opportunity for social interaction. Whether it’s inviting friends over for dinner or the kids needing to do their homework as you cook, an open plan kitchen can help the homeowner to stay accessible and in view of those around them. With an open space, the kitchen transforms from a limited singular-purpose room, into an alternative living and social area. For some households, opening the kitchen space can revolutionise the way in which inhabitants use the home!


Not only does an open plan kitchen provide more opportunity for human interaction, but it also allows those around you to experience the drama unfold. An open plan will have aromas filtering through to other rooms, while the crackling and simmering of food can also be heard; leading to greater anticipation and excitement. Teppanyaki, eat your heart out!

Fluidity & Connection

Having an open plan kitchen can also help to connect the room with other living spaces, instead of being blocked off as a separate entity. Fluidity between rooms can give the impression that spaces are bigger than they are, which for many people can only be a good thing! The seamless fusion between a kitchen and a dining/living room can help to create a fluid living space ensuring that your home flows.



A Getaway

A kitchen’s main purpose is to prepare and cook food, however it can also offer sanctuary away from other living spaces and inhabitants. Keeping the kitchen blocked off and separated can inadvertently see the space provide a ‘getaway’ and a place to think - away from televisions, stereos and noisy children. Opening the kitchen up into a liveable and multi-purpose space may just invite the distractions that you were trying to get away from, and in turn render traditional living spaces redundant.

Smells & Noise

The thought of some lovely aromas filtering through an open plan home sounds great, but what happens when it continues to happen over a long period of time or you burn your dinner? Some people with open plan kitchens report on their furniture starting to smell, so if you do go open plan, it would be worth considering ways to combat and minimise the odour through ventilation. Noise can also be an issue, whether it’s the kettle boiling or a noisy fan oven or dishwasher, if the kitchen is attached to a living space then it may disturb those who are trying to relax or concentrate!

Mess & Clutter

Let’s face it, kitchens can become very messy! It’s because of this that some homeowners prefer to keep their kitchen closed away and separated from the more ‘social’ areas of the home. Sometimes you don’t want to immediately wash up or clear away the preparation mess, but should you have visitors to the house you may feel additional pressure to tidy up, as it’ll be in full view.

messy food

Torn between open planned and closed off kitchens? A broken space kitchen can provide the best of both worlds! A broken plan kitchen means that you can retain what you love about open-plan spaces but still give your room privacy and specific purpose. By dividing your space subtly, such as smart shelving, windows and half walls, you can create different zones to escape the worktop clutter and any interruptions.

If you are thinking about a new kitchen, be it open plan, closed off or broken plan. Come in and speak to one of our design team who will be more than happy to help you get your ideas off the ground!

At Simply Kitchens we look at every aspect of your family life before designing your kitchen. We believe that everyone is different and will create the perfect kitchen to fit your family’s needs.

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2 thoughts on “Open Plan Kitchens: Pros & Cons.”

  1. Teresa Wilton says:

    I love my open plan kitchen it has brought a whole new dimension into our lives. It’s so sociable and it’s given us a really flexible living space.
    Don’t find smells a problem as we have a powerful extractor.

    1. admin says:

      That’s great to hear Teresa, thank you for your comment and letting us know your opinion on open plan kitchens! They certainly do increase fluidity and enhance socialising 🙂