Simple treats to make this Easter

April 11, 2017

It's the Easter holidays and the weather is looking beautiful! Most people would agree that it's much easier to keep the kids entertained outdoors! But what if the weather isn't so great!? We say head to the kitchen and get creative! It's brilliant fun, can be a great learning experience and it's cheep cheep! (sorry!)

We've put together a little collection of easy Easter kitchen makes to get the kids baking during the holidays! We've even managed to shoehorn in some fruit!!

Chocolate Nests

Well it wouldn't be Easter kitchen fun without the faithful chocolate cornflake nests! We love these, they are so simple but look so effective and they are easy and safe for the kids to get involved with. Simply melt your chocolate in the microwave, stir it into your cornflakes and pop into your paper case leaving a divot in the middle for your eggs. The hardest part really is deciding who gets to lick the spoon!

  chocolate easter nests

Oh and since everyone loves a chocolate nest..... we thought we would make some for the big kids too! Check out these ones made with golden eggs!


Strawberry Carrots


These yummy treats are super easy to make and look great, plus it gets some fruit on the table! It's as simple as melting your white chocolate, adding a little orange food colouring and dipping your strawberries in!

Note: You have to be very quick after you have added your colouring as it will make the chocolate harden very fast! So have everything ready to go!

To make it easier you can buy ready coloured orange chocolate, we found some here.

Fruit Lollipops


Another simple way to have some fun but also work towards your 5 a day! Simple fruit lollipops.

It's as easy as popping some fruit onto some wooden kebab sticks and hey presto! They look great when dipped in some melted chocolate and rolled in sprinkles!

Or... if you are feeling brave and don't mind the mess, why not leave the chocolate and sprinkles out for them to dip at will! Like a fruity fondue!

We hope we have given you some creative ideas for the Easter holidays! If you have any you would like to share feel free to tell us in the comments below!

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