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March 20, 2018

At the end of last year, we received a letter from Routeways, Plymouth asking for help with some greatly needed resources for one of their centres.. here's what happened next:

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Routeways is a local charity that delivers activities and support for disabled children, young people, adults and their families, as well as children and young people with mental health issues. They deliver valuable support from two centres in the city. One of the centres, situated in Devonport Park, was taken over by Routeways a few years ago as an abandoned horticulture centre. It was in dire need of new kitchen facilities to enable them to do more cooking with the children and develop independent living skills with young people and their families. At that time, they only had use of a tiny kitchenette situated next to the toilets which was not fit for purpose.

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We were so excited to get involved! Nathan visited Routeways Director, Mark Collings to evaluate how we could help the charity. After Nathan's visit we quickly got to work on designing them a new kitchen which would be situated in a new area of the building. (Formerly a potting shed!)

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We designed Routeways a kitchen with plenty of work-space and considered features such as reduced height work surfaces for wheelchair users, soft close cupboards and doors, easily identifiable hot and cold taps, easy to use sockets, clear oven dials and neutral colour schemes.

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The result was a kitchen in which children can learn as a group, young people can develop life skills and experiment new things, and the Routeways staff can enjoy a spacious and safe environment in which to work with all of their visitors.

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We are thrilled to have been able to help to provide Routeways with something that will make such a big difference to so many people right now, and for many years to come. We look forward to working with them in the future!

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You can watch the full video about our work with Routeways here.

At Simply Kitchens we look at every aspect of your family life before designing your kitchen. We believe that everyone is different and will create the perfect kitchen to fit your family's needs.

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