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May 8, 2017

Why is the kitchen such a popular place to gather? Do you find that you and your guests normally find yourselves standing and talking in the kitchen when you have a perfectly good lounge in the next room? It's more common than you think to be automatically drawn to the kitchen as a place to congregate, so why not embrace it and turn your kitchen into a social haven!

At Simply Kitchens we think it should be a welcoming, inviting space where family, friends and guests will love to spend time. In this nifty little blog we have been looking at ways to turn your kitchen into the latest social hotspot!


If you have the space, a sofa is a great way to make an area of your kitchen social friendly. Your guests are going to feel more comfortable if they can sit and talk instead of standing. If you don't have the space to spare then in-built seating in corners or bay windows can be a great way to get some seating into your plan. The built-in seating area below was created for one of our customers last year and doubles as an extra storage area.

simply kitchens plymouth


If your dining area is in your kitchen, it’s more likely to feel like the central point of your home, especially when you’re entertaining. You might be surprised at how many people you can accommodate, even in a relatively small space. If you are planning a new kitchen it's important to remember to place your main prep area somewhere where you will be able to join in on the fun whilst seeing to the food. It's no fun having your back to the conversation whilst working away!


If your kitchen opens directly onto your outdoor space, it is likely to feel light and airy. During summer its the perfect place to host summer parties and BBQ's! Take a look at our last blog for recipe ideas and tips on how to become a BBQ Master!


Modern kitchen islands are an instant gravitational when it comes to having friends and family over. The perfect non-formal area to hover around whilst consuming drinks and nibbles. Kitchen Islands come in a variety of styles and offer plenty in terms of serving areas, prepping zones and even extendable dining tables that slide back in when not in use. Perfect for any social occasion whether it be a coffee with a friend or a party with lot’s of friends. An island is a perfect addition to any kitchen. The Island below featured below was part of a complete kitchen and pantry renovation completed by our team earlier this year.

simply kitchens plymouth


A social kitchen doesn't have to mean major renovations.Just some small simple additions can make the biggest difference. Music can instantly change the atmosphere and if you're having a gathering then background music is a must. Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. As well as playing music it provide information, news, sports scores, weather and more. So its the perfect kitchen companion to help you be the perfect host. Why not ask about weight to cup conversions for your recipe? Set a timer? Cocktail Recipes? It will even host a quiz for you! You can find them here.

At Simply Kitchens we look at every aspect of your family life before designing your kitchen. We believe that everyone is different and will create the perfect kitchen to fit your family’s needs.

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