6 Great Kitchen Storage Solutions

August 27, 2016

If you're anything like us, the more room and storage you have, the more you'll fill it. You might look at a large kitchen, with lots of cupboards and think 'I'll never fill all of that' but you will, you know you will. A great kitchen designer will not only design a kitchen thats beautiful but also functional, and with that in mind, kitchen storage comes to the forefront.


From great to WOW!!


The magic is in the details and by implementing some of these storage/accessory ideas to your kitchen you can transform it from a great kitchen into a ‘wow’ kitchen!!

Drawer Organisers drawer-organisers-utray8-10knife-beech-utensil-tray-and-knives

Perfect for keeping all your utensils organised and easy to access. It also adds extra safety to reaching into a drawer that contains knives and all sorts of items that could cut or hurt you.

Waste Solutions waste-solutions-ecobin4-triple-recycling-bin

Keep unsightly bins out of the way with this storage solution. Great for when you want to split your rubbish down into food waste, recycling and more. It also means that food smells are kept behind an additional door.

Wall Hung Solutions kessebohmer-linero-mosaiq-midway-hanging-systems-5

Ideal for freeing up drawer and surface space. Making knives easy for adults to reach but kept out of the way of children.

Pull Out Larders kessebohmer-cupboard-organisers-larder-unit-pull-out

Perfect for any large family, its amazing how much you can store on these. Great for access and being able to see all your items at a glance.

Corner Cupboard Solutions kessebohmer-cupboard-organisers-le-mans-pull-out

A great way to make the most out of a corner cupboard. Use these to store food, pots & pans or even plates and dishes.

Midway Hanging Systems  kessebohmer-linero-mosaiq-midway-hanging-systems

Not only do these systems look great, but they are also very functional. Perfect for items that you use daily and need at arms reach.


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