The Month of Love

March 1, 2019

The month of love has come to an end and what a month it has been! All that January detoxing is well and truly over. The cold weather is still upon us and the need for comfort and homely food is still a must in these freezing conditions. February being the month of love you can feel the warmth and listen with your eyes to all the red and pink tones all around, giving you that sense and feeling of romance in the air in one of the most romantic months of the year.

The year of the Pig

We started the month with a Chinese Noodle and Prawn stir-fry. This recipe was simple to make and full of pleasurable vegetables with nice textures and flavours. This year is the year of the Pig in the Chinese zodiac calendar which is seen to represent the personality of people being refined, intuitive, intelligent and artistic.

Screenshot 2019-03-01 at 14.26.09

I’m in the mood for love

The rest of the month went with the theme of romance and love. A Creamy Mussels in a Smoky Bacon & Cider Source. This recipe was easy to prepare and make and tasted delicious with the mixture of the natural juices from the mussels and fried bacon alongside the cider. This dish would be a perfect starter for any romantic meal for two people willing to share and dip pieces of rustic bread into the luscious sauce. The next recipe went out on the day itself. Steak and Garlic Creamy Potatoes in a Red Wine Sauce. The succulent steak alongside the garlicky creamy potatoes melted with the super green asparagus, that were lightly fried which is an aphrodisiac to get you or your partner into that Valentines mood. The Hacks were fun and indulgent with the emphasis of delicious chocolate.

SK Steak mASH

Supporting local charities

You may have already seen our Christmas video on our Facebook page where we visited Routeways, a local charity in Plymouth. We did some Christmas baking with some of the young people. We invited them over to make pancakes and what fun we ALL had! There were pancakes everywhere and a lot of mess! However to see a smile on all of their faces made it all the worth while. Routeways have always been a charity that we support. You will be able to see this lovely footage next month.

Margarita Day!

We tried a different type of recipe this month. Friday 22nd February was National Margarita Day! A margarita is a popular cocktail consisting of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice often served with salt on the rim of the glass. We decided to make the margarita the classic way which was served shaken with ice and a nice decoration of lime on the side of the glass.

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Case Study

Dove Lodge and St Dominic were our case studies this month. Beautifully designed kitchens, both designed for that airy, spacious theme in mind. The average time that couples spend together is 2 and a half hours per day. Dove Lodge and St Dominic are perfect, for making that extra time for a loved one when the ‘day of love’ will play a major part and all your romantic recipes will come alive and be prepared and fine dining will be made.

Competition Time

We were fortunate to have another great competition this month. A lovely £100 wine voucher for Le Vignoble at the local Royal William Yard, in Plymouth. We are sure that the winner will enjoy this fantastic treat.


AEG Promotion

AEG is one our most replicable brands that we offer in our showroom. The quality has been proven to be second to none by customers. Last year customers voted for them as product of the year 2018. The AEG offer includes all of the products within their range, from dishwashers to wine cellars, oven hoods, microwave ovens and many more products. If you purchase up to four or more of the products when you buy your kitchen you can claim up to £500 cashback! Terms and Conditions apply and small appliances and accessories are NOT included in this promotion. The offer ends June the 30th 2019.

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