Try before you buy with Miele

January 24, 2017

You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it....... So why shouldn't the same apply to your oven? You're going to use it every day and if you're a keen cook then it's got to be right! Right?

Did you know that Miele offer a try before you buy service in the form of their "Taste for Design Appliance Course". With this exclusive course you can get to know the fantastic Miele appliances on offer and discover the kitchen you've always dreamed of. If your kitchen is as important to you as it is to us, then you know how crucial it is that you choose the right appliances to allow you to turn your kitchen into the creative workshop you desire. We also know that for a keen cook, sometimes a demonstration just isn’t enough and you want to roll up your sleeves and put the machines through their paces yourself! You’ll see the amazing versatility of Miele Steam Ovens, find out how a Miele Warming Drawer can take the stress out of cooking and discover the amazing control you have with a Miele Induction Hob.


Once you have chosen your perfect Miele oven there are then courses and classes to take you to the next level:

Appliance Masterclasses

Master your Miele appliance with the Appliance Masterclass. With courses that cater for all skill levels, become the master of your kitchen and learn to get the absolute best out of your Miele appliances. With many courses to choose from, you can learn to use your Meile appliance to it's full potential and even discover some of the key functions you never knew were there!

Signature Sessions

From a passion for patisserie to authentic Indian, perfect your passion for cooking with our signature sessions. There is also the opportunity to join our chefs table with exclusive chefs Martyn Meid or Douglas McMaster for an hour long course on using your Miele oven to perfection. Choose from amazing sessions such as Patisserie, Bread Making, French, Thai, Artisan Breads and even Gluten Free.

Find out more on how to book with Miele here.

At Simply Kitchens we look at every aspect of your family life before designing your kitchen. We believe that everyone is different and will create the perfect kitchen to fit your family’s needs.

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