Tweaking Your Kitchen For Autumn

September 19, 2018

A lot of us are sad to wave goodbye to the warm weather. Salads, spontaneous BBQs and fans dotted around the house will all be replaced with the growing need for comfort, cosiness and casseroles. Some people seem to be excited for the seasonal change, and with it, will be preparing new routines and practises inside of the kitchen.

Embracing Deeper Colours

The bright and breezy tones of the summer will be turning richer and warmer as we all succumb to the darker mornings and nights, sore throats and drizzle. We want to feel snug and comforted by our interiors when we are inside, and you can do so by making a few adjustments to the colours in the kitchen - be it chair cushion covers, tea towels, table covers or kitchenware.

Rich, earthy reds and varying amber colours do well to reflect the autumnal changes outside, apparently ‘spiced honey’ is in this year. Yet, inheriting the obvious warming shades of autumn isn’t where it ends, because kitchen interiors can also adopt rich plums, forest greens and soft berry colours to infuse the perfect comfy setting.


Keeping In The Warmth

In the summer we welcome a draft but as it gets colder we’ll do anything to keep the warmth in. The thought of having the oven on for a longer amount of time during the day won’t be an issue and putting down new mats on the floor or keeping candles near to work surfaces will all contribute to the feeling of warmth. Some people even recommend hanging heavier curtains or blinds to block out any cold air from entering the living space.


Cooking & Eating Habits Change

As mentioned at the start, the fresh and light afternoon salads will be replaced by hearty fruit, veg and meats; with the harvest being synonymous with autumn. Baking will also be on the rise, from spiced biscuits to homely cakes, kitchen bakeware is certain to see more action.

Many of us will lean on larger meals with a warming substance to feel comforted. Casseroles, crumbles, pies, toad in the hole, roasties, mash, they’ll all cross our minds a lot more than before. Pots, pans and roasting tins will be happy to see you again!


Kitchen Autumn Decorations

You can help to further align your kitchen with the season of autumn by dressing it with different decorations and ornaments. Displays of pumpkins and seeds or berries and conkers all mirror what’s going on outside. Decor with burgundies, chocolates and rich golds will also contribute nicely.

The minimal, bright and crisp aesthetics related to summer can start to be built upon with the addition of cosy furnishings like woollen throws or wicker baskets. Some may want to heighten the autumn senses by buying incense or scented candles, and pine cones picked up from a brisk walk can help to provide an inexpensive autumn accessory for the kitchen!


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