Simple way to peel Garlic

December 5, 2017
Garlic can be one of the most annoying things to peel, they are small, fiddly and there's nothing more annoying then having sticky garlic fingers after you've been trying to peel each clove for the last 5 minutes! So we put the garlic jar hack to the test and guess what? It worked!

Any jar will do, just put your garlic cloves in and give it a rigorous shake! You do need quite strong arms for this and you will undoubtedly not get rid of every bit of peel but it certainly makes the job easier as you should only have to separate the skins from the cloves.Theres also no waste from chopping off the end of the cloves when peeling with a knife so you get to use the whole clove!

If you are a keen chef and peel garlic regularly then this hack really if for you!

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